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Why Responsive Web Design is Important For Your Business

May 21, 2014

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What is Responsive Web Design?

First of all, let’s get an important question out of the way: What is Responsive Web Design? To put it simply, responsive web design means that a website responds and resizes itself to it’s environment to provide you with the best viewing experience. It allows websites to be shown on many types of devices. The same content from a website on your 22 inch, desktop monitor can now be displayed on your 5 inch phone screen, or your 10 inch tablet!

Back in 2013, Responsive Web Design had become a big thing for websites and businesses. Everyday, responsive web design supports an ever-growing number of devices, browsers and platforms to be displayed optimally for the user. This represents how websites should be built in years to come, it’s future-proof!

How is this possible you might ask? Well, responsive websites use fluid grids, which change the site’s size and positioning of the content, depending on the display of the device. If you are out and about and need to check on a website, but only have your mobile phone or tablet to hand, a responsive website will re-position and resize the content, making it quicker and more user friendly.

More people are using mobile devices to surf the web each day as they are more comfortable with the flexibility of the technology and are always demanding more on-line features. For a small business with an old website, this can be a bit of a catastrophe as mobile device users are having to manually zoom in and out to get an optimal viewing experience. Mobile users are scrolling around the web-page, dragging their finger across to read small sections of the page. Which, from personal experience can become very frustrating and make the user fed up with your website.

In the past it was necessary to have a separate website, for mobile users, but these days it is now easy to just have the one responsive website that is compatible with many different devices.

A modern, responsive website is paramount to your success

If your business depends on it’s website to get you customers and stay in business, then upgrading from a fixed size website to a modern, responsive website is paramount to your success as a business owner. If your business uses an on-line statistic counter that shows how many people visit your website and on what devices. Then you will see the number and percentage of people using mobile devices to be quite surprising.

According to MobiThinking, 25% of web users are mobile only. That’s potentially a quarter of your customers fiddling around, zooming in and out of your website which today, isn’t suitable for many people’s busy lifestyle.

While changing to a responsive website can be challenging for business and website owners, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Without a mobile friendly website, your future on-line is quickly coming to a halt. Potential customers will bounce from your website to a rival company’s because their website is more mobile friendly.

Want to learn more?

If you would like to learn more about why responsive web design is important for your business, or are thinking of giving your website a new look, then please feel free to get in touch or call Andrew Wearden on 07794 743057

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1 Comment
    Erin Jul 08, 2014

    Well in my opinion, responsive web design is one of the biggest ‘inventions’ in the web industry. In times when communication devices comes in all kinds of sizes and shapes, when almost everything can access the Web it is crucial (IMHO) to have a standard that let’s you create one site for many devices.


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